The Super Mario Bros. Movie – A Jumping Adventure

The Super Mario Bros. Movie - A Jumping Adventure

Hey little adventurers!Awesome journey into the Mushroom Kingdom with The Super Mario Bros. Movie. It’s not like the old Mario movie from way back; this one is super cool and made over a billion dollars! Let’s jump into the magical world of Mario and his friends!

The Super Mario Bros : Making Up for the Past

A long time ago, there was a not-so-great Mario movie. But guess what? The Super Mario Bros. Movie from 2023 is like a superhero, saving the day and making up for the not-so-awesome one from 1993. It’s like Mario collecting extra lives to fix things!

The Super Mario Bros. Movie - A Jumping Adventure

Animated Fun with Mario

This time, Mario is animated, which means he looks just like he does in the video games! No more weird live-action Mario; now, he’s bouncing around in a colorful animated world. It’s like playing your favorite Mario game, but on the big screen!

The Super Mario Bros : Jumping and Game References

The best part? Mario loves to jump, and in this movie, he jumps all over the place. Plus, there are cool references to other Mario games, like Mario Kart. It’s like a big Mario party with all our favorite game moments!

The Super Mario Bros : Musical Bowser with Jack Black

Guess what’s super funny? Bowser, the big bad guy, plays the piano! And who’s playing him? Jack Black! It’s like Bowser decided to join a band and have some musical fun. Who knew Bowser had such hidden talents?

Star-Studded Cast for Mario’s Adventure

They gathered a bunch of cool actors to be the voices of our favorite characters. Chris Pratt , Charlie Day , Anya Taylor-Joy is Princess Peach, and Seth Rogen is Donkey! It’s like having a superstar team for a Mario adventure.

Mixed Reviews, but Who Cares?

Some people said different things about the movie, but you know what? Movie is like a big pizza party for Mario fans! Even if some grown-ups didn’t love it, we sure did!

Fan Service and Irrelevant Critics

The movie gave us lots of things we love about Mario – it’s like a big hug from our favorite video game. So, even if some people who write about movies didn’t love it, we think their opinions don’t matter much. Mario fans unite!

Best Animated Movie of 2023

Kids and families everywhere declared it one of the best animated movies of the whole year! It’s like getting a gold star in school or finding a hidden level in a Mario game. Everyone wanted to watch it over and over again.

Almost the Year’s Top Earner

Movie was like the superhero of the box office. It made so much money that it almost became the highest-grossing movie of the year. But you know what happened? A certain doll stole the top spot!

The Adventure Continues

So there you have it, little adventurers! The Super Mario Bros. Movie took us on a jumping, colorful adventure with our favorite characters. Even if it didn’t become the number one movie, it’s still the number one in our hearts. Let’s keep jumping with Mario and see where the adventure takes us next!