Mobile Legends Jawhead: Tips from Bajan of EVOS Legends

Mobile Legends Jawhead: Tips from Bajan of EVOS Legends

When it comes to Mobile Legends Jawhead has been making noise, especially thanks to players like Bajan from EVOS Legends. You can become an expert in Jawhead by following these tips, which come straight from the person who is thought to be the expert.

Mobile Legends Jawhead: The Battle Spell and the Icon

Bajan says that when it comes to Jawhead, the Support Emblem should be used with the Battle Spell Flicker. The Support Emblem also cuts down on the wait for Jawhead, which makes it even more dangerous. Flicker gives Jawhead the power to surprise and catch opponents off guard.

Mobile Legends Jawhead: Important Elements

As for Bajan’s favourite tank playstyle, Athena’s Shield comes in second, followed by Dominance Ice. Still, he changes his list based on the enemies he faces. Taking care of Karrie? The main ice is the one. Are you against Claude? Pick out some blade protection to wear. Also, you should get Antique Cuirass if you have trouble dealing with killers.

People who fight think that items like the Raptor Machete, Endless Battle, Blade of the Heptaseas, Queen’s Wings, Immortality, and Athena’s Shield are must-haves. Change the way you look so that it fits better with what’s going on.

Mobile Legends Jawhead: Put the combo to work

The first move in the basic combo is a flicker. The next moves are an ejector to throw enemies back, Unstoppable Force, and finally Smart Missiles to finish the combo. If you’re facing a bush attack, you should use Ejector first, then Smart Missiles, and finally Unstoppable Force.

You should alter the way you play.

No matter if you are playing Jawhead as a tank or a fighter, make sure that your playstyle is set up correctly. As a fighter, you should focus on shocking and killing your opponents. Always hide behind trees to attack, especially when you’re close to targets like Turrets, Turtles, and Lords. Tanks need to be smart about which enemies they fight and keep their view clear.

Put them together and be very careful

Burst Heroes is where Jawhead really shines when used with it. You and your team will need to work together to get rid of enemies on the map. However, you should be careful of Khufra and Atlas because they can easily fight Jawhead, especially when they are built as fighters. Set up a surprise attack and kill them first to ensure win.

Last Thoughts

Thanks to the advice Bajan gave you, you can now rule the fight as Mobile Legends Jawhead. It’s important to remember that your strategy should change depending on how the game goes and how the enemies are grouped. We hope all goes well for you and hope your VTBET plays last forever!